Reset. Be Present. Connect.

Mellow Nello Specialty Coffee

moment to come back down to earth, to be with the simple things in life. Be present with your surroundings, with the birdsong and the trees as you enjoy a cup of coffee sourced from local and lekker small businesses. As you soak up the moment, open yourself up to connecting with your local community. 

We created Mellow Nello Specialty Coffee with this vision of starting your day in this intentional way. 

Through coffee, yoga and community we hope to provide;

~ an opportunity to reset.

~ a chance to be present as you sip your coffee or join a yoga practice.

~ a place to connect with your local community.

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Mellow Nello Naturals

As we were building the coffee trailer, we wanted to be mindful of the impact we were making on our environment. The waste and single-use within the coffee industry is incredibly detrimental to the environment. Any small step in the opposite direction is our intention.

We thought of making soap with the repurposed coffee grounds from the trailer. I was immediately taken by the intentionality behind the process of creating all-natural soap.

Keeping plastic soap bottles out of the oceans and harsh chemicals away from your skin are just two of the incentives that drive our efforts. Plus, the healing properties that natural soaps provide are sensational in it and of themselves.

Natural Soaps

Natural Soaps

Handmade, small-batch, natural soaps. Scented with essential oils and dyed with clays.